Is it a mistake to retailer fragrance in the toilet? Mavens re…

A TikTok video has long gone viral after an influencer highlighted a not unusual error that perfume enthusiasts could be making.

“It’s come to my consideration that no person on TikTok or Pinterest is aware of the right kind approach to retailer fragrance,” says Emelia O’Toole aka Professor Fragrance ( within the publish that has racked up 5.2m perspectives.

“In case you stay your fragrance in the toilet, while you bathe, all the steam, all the consistent temperature fluctuations, are going to ruin your fragrance so much quicker than in case you retailer them as it should be.”

The publish has attracted greater than 484,000 likes, with many customers complaining that their perfume bottles are so lovely (to not point out pricey) that they wish to show them proudly, whilst others are sceptical about O’Toole’s declare.

So, will have to we be following her recommendation? Is it actually a foul concept to stay your loved one Chanel No5 or Dior Sauvage in the toilet?

“Sure, it’s,” says Nicola Pozzani, inventive director of perfume logo The Service provider of Venice (

Heat and light-weight are fragrance’s worst enemies, therefore stay them clear of the toilet in case you bathe or shower in it – and your toilet window.”

The issue with warmth is that it impacts the highest notes of a fragrance, those that you just odor for the primary 5 to fifteen mins after spritzing.

“Most sensible notes would possibly develop sharper, extra bitter, much less acquainted, and even undetectable with an excessive amount of warmth publicity,” says Steve Thompson, perfume knowledgeable at The Perfume Store ( kingdom).

“Publicity to sizzling temperatures too can purpose fragrance to broaden a musty odor.”

On the different finish of the spectrum, chilly temperatures can have an effect on the longevity, he explains: “If a fragrance is saved too chilly for too lengthy, the smell doesn’t venture as a long way for as lengthy, so it’s possible you’ll to find your self spraying your self extra incessantly to maintain an enduring smell.”

Plus, the fluctuating temperatures conventional a WC, could cause problems for eau de toilettes and parfums.

“If a perfume is saved in a spot the place the temperature adjustments so much, this will purpose the perfume to sweat, with condensation entering the perfume and inflicting undesirable chemical reactions to happen,” Thompson continues. “This can lead to your favorite smell being ruined.”

Some fragrances are extra vulnerable than others, Pozzani says: “You’re going to perhaps understand it on a citrus, mild perfume, which would possibly quickly now not odor as glowing and zesty as you remembered. Citrus substances are probably the most fragile.”

So, what’s one of the simplest ways to retailer fragrance if now not in the toilet?

“You’re storing them in a fab darkish position, corresponding to a drawer clear of direct daylight, as this preserves your perfume for longer,” says Thompson.

And it’s possible you’ll wish to pop them within the refrigerator on the top of summer time, he provides: “When you don’t have to visit this excessive to stay your fragrances recent, you’ll be able to do it when your same old room temperature is simply too prime.”

Particularly in case you’re keen on mild, citrusy scents: “Storing those fragrances within the refrigerator can in truth lengthen their energy by means of preserving them extra strong.”

The ones with huge cologne collections will have to take additional care, Pozzani says: “If in case you have a so-called perfume cloth cabinet, I’d unquestionably get a devoted refrigerator, the place you’ll be able to stay perfumes for longer. Simply don’t retailer them with meals.”

As for having a look after your perfumes when travelling to highly regarded or chilly climates – will have to you decant the juice right into a smaller bottle?

“That’s an excellent concept,” says Pozzani, “Or possibly simply convey a hotter ambery, woody perfume with you, versus recent ones which is able to go away your pores and skin extra briefly.”

Thompson is of the same opinion that moveable fragrance is very best: “I’d counsel purchasing travel-friendly atomisers. They’re sturdy steel boxes that stay a perfume strong in numerous temperatures.”

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