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Are living Vote Depend: Monitoring the Space Speaker Votes

On Thursday, Consultant Kevin McCarthy of California presented new concessions to a group of ultraconservative Republicans however failed to gain any new support in his bid for the Space speaker submit.

Jan. 5, 8:08 p.m. E.T. — After 11 votes, the Space has nonetheless now not settled on a speaker. Contributors voted to adjourn and go back at midday on Friday to proceed vote casting.

A desk that presentations the present tally for the latest vote for speaker of the Space.

eleventh Speaker Vote Tally

General Dem. Rep.


200 0 200
Headshot of Representative Donalds


12 0 12
Headshot of Representative Hern


7 0 7
1 0 1
Headshot of Representative Jeffries


212 212 0
1 0 1

Observe: To win, a member will have to obtain the vast majority of votes solid for an individual, now not counting “provide” votes. The Charter specifies that Space participants make a choice the speaker, however the speaker does now not must be a present or perhaps a former consultant.

Mr. McCarthy wishes 218 votes if each member of Congress casts a poll, so he best can manage to pay for to lose 4 Republican votes. Within the 7th via 11th rounds of vote casting, hung on Thursday, 20 Republicans voted for different applicants, and one voted “provide.” Mr. McCarthy misplaced an extra Republican vote within the 9th via 11th spherical when Consultant Ken Greenback of Colorado didn’t vote in any respect. All 212 Democrats voted for Consultant Hakeem Jeffries of New York, the minority chief.

Mr. McCarthy may win the speakership with fewer than 218 votes by way of persuading lawmakers who don’t need to make stronger him to as a substitute vote “provide” or not to vote in any respect.

A desk that presentations abstract tallies for each and every poll spherical of Space speaker votes.

Poll Spherical Headshot of Representative McCarthyMcCarthy Headshot of Representative JeffriesJeffries Different Provide
1st 203 212 19 0
second 203 212 19 0
third 202 212 20 0
4th 201 212 20 1
fifth 201 212 20 1
sixth 201 212 20 1
seventh 201 212 20 1
eighth 201 212 20 1
ninth 200 212 20 1
tenth 200 212 20 1
eleventh 200 212 20 1

Observe: To win, a member will have to obtain the vast majority of votes solid for an individual, now not counting “provide” votes.

Within the first vote, hung on Tuesday, 19 Space Republicans voted for a Republican instead of Mr. McCarthy. All over the second one vote, those self same 19 adversarial him however rallied round Consultant Jim Jordan of Ohio, a founding member of the ultraconservative Space Freedom Caucus. Mr. Jordan pleaded together with his colleagues to provide their make stronger to Mr. McCarthy, however all 19, plus an extra Republican, voted for Mr. Jordan at the 3rd poll.

Within the fourth, 5th and 6th rounds of vote casting, hung on Wednesday, the similar 20 Republicans voted for Consultant Byron Donalds of Florida, and one voted “provide.”

How Each Consultant Voted

Contributors vote casting another way from the vast majority of their celebration are highlighted.

An inventory of each and every representatives’ votes all over the rounds of Space speaker votes.

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