3 candy and savoury Italian baking recipes

This tear-and-share traybake makes a really perfect and all the time welcome boost to an off-the-cuff dinner buffet, a picnic or a youngsters’ birthday celebration,” says Giuseppe Dell’Anno, winner of The Nice British Bake Off 2021.

“Not unusual fillings come with the standard tomato sauce, mozzarella and ceaselessly ham; then again, this recipe makes use of one among my favorite combos in line with ripe crimson candy peppers and onions.”

Rotoli di pizza ai peperoni

Serves: 20


For the dough:

450g sturdy bread flour

3 tsp dry yeast

2 tsp caster or granulated sugar

250g lukewarm water

3 tbsp additional virgin olive oil

2 tsp salt

For the filling:

350g crimson candy peppers (about 3 medium peppers)

100g crimson onion (about 1 small onion)

2 tbsp additional virgin olive oil, plus additional for greasing

⅛ tsp salt

2 tbsp concentrated tomato purée

100g inexperienced olives, pitted and sliced

Flooring black pepper, for seasoning

50g grated parmesan

A couple of contemporary basil leaves, kind of chopped


1. Upload the flour, yeast and sugar to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook and blend them with a spoon till totally mixed. Get started the mixer on a medium-high velocity and slowly trickle the water into the blending bowl. Right away after the water, upload the oil and proceed blending till the dough comes in combination flippantly. It must take a few mins. Sprinkle within the salt and let the mixer knead the dough for an extra 8 to ten mins, or till it turns into easy, wraps across the hook and is derived off the edges of the blending bowl cleanly.

2. Scoop the dough out of the bowl and, whilst protecting it for your palms, stretch it and fold it over itself a couple of occasions and form it right into a ball. Drop it again into the blending bowl, reduce a deep go at the floor with a pointy knife, quilt the bowl with clingfilm and depart the dough to end up till it has doubled in quantity; it must take about one hour 10 mins at 20C. An excessively sensible option to end up the dough is to go away the bowl within the closed oven, with the heating off however the inside gentle switched on. This may generate an optimum draught-free and somewhat heat surroundings to facilitate the motion of the yeast. Proving the dough in those stipulations might shorten the proving time.

3. In the meantime, get ready the filling: wash the peppers, take away the stems, cores, white pith and seeds, and kind of chop the outside into two to 3 centimetre items. There’s no want to be correct as they’re going to be mixed as soon as cooked. Peel and chop the onion, then position it in a medium frying pan with the oil and the chopped peppers. Upload the salt and shallow-fry over a medium warmth, exposed, for approximately 5 mins, stirring ceaselessly till the onion has develop into translucent. Upload the tomato purée and about 125g water, quilt the pan with a lid, cut back the warmth and simmer for approximately quarter-hour till many of the liquid has evaporated. Stay checking that the pan does now not dry out to keep away from burning the sauce.

4. Take away the pan from the warmth and cream the contents in a heatproof blender or with a stick blender. Put aside to chill.

5. Grease the baking tin, spreading a skinny layer of olive oil over the ground and aspects. Line the ground with a sheet of baking paper.

6. Drop the proved dough over a well-floured floor, kind of form it right into a sq. along with your arms, then roll it out to a thickness of 5 millimetres, shaping it right into a 30 x 50 centimetre rectangle. With the longest facet going through you, pour the pepper filling over the dough, and unfold it with the again of a spoon or a small offset spatula, leaving two to 3 centimetres of dough on the most sensible of the rectangle sauce-free. Distribute the sliced olives flippantly over the dough. Grind a beneficiant dusting of black pepper over the sauce, sprinkle over the grated Parmesan and upload the basil leaves. Roll the sheet of dough, ranging from the facet going through you, all of the technique to the highest.

7. The usage of a pointy knife, slice the sausage of crammed dough into 20 equivalent rolls, about two-and-a-half centimetres thick, and organize them sideways within the ready baking tray. There could be house left between the rolls at this degree; then again, this will probably be crammed by means of the dough all through the second one end up and baking. Depart the rolls to end up once more, exposed, for an extra half-hour.

8. In the meantime, set the shelf within the lowest place within the oven and preheat it to 200C (400F/gasoline mark 6). As soon as the second one end up is done, bake the rolls for 27-29 mins, or till the tops simply begin to brown. Retailer, wrapped in paper, for as much as an afternoon.


Easiest with a cup of espresso


“The title amaretti comes from amaro, actually ‘sour’ in Italian, after their unmistakable bittersweet style. That is because of the addition of small quantities of sour almonds or apricot kernels to the elemental nut and sugar combine,” explains Dell’Anno.

“The recipe underneath will produce a crispy, in part hole biscuit, most probably the variability maximum ceaselessly present in retail outlets and bakeries across the nation. Preparation is outstandingly easy: all you want is a food processor and a blank spray bottle. On the other hand, those biscuits are deceptively temperamental: you will have to practice the stairs within the recipe religiously if you need a properly shaped biscuit.”

Makes: 50


250g icing sugar, plus additional for dusting

90g unblanched complete almonds

10g sour apricot kernels

⅛ tsp salt

35g egg white (about 1 medium egg white)

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

¼ tsp herbal almond extract


1. Position 150g of the icing sugar within the bowl of a meals processor, upload the almonds and apricot kernels, then blitz at excessive velocity for approximately 40 seconds till the combination could be very positive and floury. Upload the remainder 100g icing sugar and the salt, then blitz once more for an extra 40 seconds. Upload the egg white, vanilla and almond extract, then blitz one ultimate time till the combination comes in combination in a easy, doughy mass. Flip the dough directly to a blank and dry worktop, press it down and fold it in half of a couple of occasions with the assistance of a scraper. The dough will probably be fairly sticky, so the scraper is very important to assist deal with it. Wrap the dough in clingfilm and depart it to relaxation within the refrigerator in a single day.

2. The next day, position the shelf in the course of the oven and preheat it to 160C (325F/gasoline mark 3). Line a baking sheet with baking paper.

3. Take the dough out of the refrigerator, unwrap it (stay the clingfilm) and paintings it with the urgent and folding motion once more for a couple of occasions. The dough must really feel a lot less attackable than the day prior to this, however the scraper will nonetheless be useful. Divide the dough into small chunks, about seven grams each and every. Preserving the scale as constant as conceivable around the biscuits will be certain that a good bake, but when you don’t want to weigh the person biscuits one at a time, you’ll be able to use a teaspoon to make the small parts: seven grams is a little more than half of a teaspoon.

4. Roll each and every lump of dough between the hands of your palms to form it right into a small ball, then organize them at the covered baking sheet, leaving no less than 5 centiemtres between them. Shape best sufficient biscuits to fill one baking sheet (about 15), wrap the remainder of the dough again in its clingfilm and retailer it within the refrigerator till you’re ready to organize every other batch.

5. Fairly flatten the highest of each and every ball along with your thumb. Use a twig bottle full of water to spray water directly to the biscuits till their floor is totally rainy: some droplets will drip down the biscuits and in all probability pool at the baking paper. That is completely appropriate, and it is going to now not be an issue. Briefly mud the highest of the rainy biscuits with a skinny layer of icing sugar (you are going to see the sugar disappear when it lands at the rainy biscuits) and instantly position the baking sheet within the oven. Bake for 17-18 mins till the biscuits are a gentle caramel color.

6. Take away the biscuits from the oven, slide the baking paper directly to a cooling rack and depart the baking tray to chill when you form the next batch. Take the biscuits off the baking paper best when they’re at room temperature. Retailer in an hermetic container for as much as two weeks.

Panna cotta al Marsala

A boozy dessert to spherical off any Italian meal


“Whilst panna cotta don’t seem to be technically bakes as they aren’t cooked within the oven, I may now not in all probability depart them out of a selection of Italian classics,” says Dell’Anno.

“The title actually method ‘cooked cream’ because the cream is dropped at a simmer with sugar and flavourings prior to dissolving the soaked gelatine leaves.”

Makes: 8 pots


200g caster sugar

7g platinum grade gelatine leaves (about 4 leaves)

600g whipping cream (30–35% fats)

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

2 tbsp white rum

2 tbsp dry Marsala wine


1. Get ready 8 aluminium pots on a flat, heat-resistant floor (a wood cutting board is perfect).

2. To make the caramel, soften 100g of the sugar in a small steel saucepan over the bottom warmth in your hob. When the sides get started melting, tilt and shake the pan to soften all of the sugar. At no level within the procedure must you stir the caramel. The caramel is able once all of the sugar is liquid and deep amber in color.

3. Sparsely pour simply sufficient caramel in each and every pot to coat the ground, dividing it flippantly. Be very cautious at this degree because the caramel is round 200C and will reason critical burns if it will get involved with the outside. The aluminium pots gets extremely popular too as soon as the caramel is poured (use of protecting gloves is really useful).


4. Soak the gelatine leaves in a bowl of chilly water for 10 mins.

5. In the meantime, upload 300g of the cream, the remainder 100g sugar and the vanilla paste to a small pan and convey to a simmer. By way of warming up best half of of the cream, the cooling/surroundings time will probably be shorter, and no more alcohol will probably be misplaced thru evaporation. Take away from the warmth, squeeze out the surplus water from the gelatine leaves and dissolve them within the sizzling cream, stirring vigorously with a spoon or, even higher, a whisk.

6. Very slowly pour the remainder 300g chilly cream into the new cream combination, stirring continuously. All the time upload the chilly cream into the new, by no means the opposite direction round: this may keep away from untimely surroundings of the gelatine and the formation of rubbery lumps within the cream.

7. In any case, upload the rum and Marsala wine and mix. Divide the combination similarly between the pots; they must be crammed as much as about one centimetre from the edges. Depart to set within the refrigerator for no less than 3 hours or, higher, in a single day.

8. As soon as the combination is about, demould each and every pot directly to a small plate or saucer. One of the simplest ways to do that is to fill a bowl large enough to suit one pot with boiling water. Dip each and every pot within the sizzling water for not than two to 3 seconds, then flip it directly to the serving plate. Shake the pot and plate sideways and faucet it over a folded dish towel till the panna cotta has dropped. Retailer within the refrigerator for as much as two to 3 days.

‘Giuseppe’s Italian Bakes’ by means of Giuseppe Dell’Anno (printed by means of Quadrille, £20; images by means of Matt Russell), to be had now.

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