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Joe Lycett ‘shreds £10,000’ following David Beckham ultimatu…

Joe Lycett claims he’s going to shred £10,000 if David Beckham does no longer drop Qatar partnership

Joe Lycett has appeared to “shred £10,000” following “radio silence” from David Beckham over his World Cup ultimatum.

Final Sunday (13 November), the comedian released a video on social media in which he directly addressed Beckham about his deal selling the International Cup in Qatar.

Within the video, Lycett mentioned that he would give £10,000 to charities that give a boost to homosexual folks in soccer if Beckham pulls out of his reported £10 million deal over the rustic’s stance on LGBT+ problems.

If Beckham didn’t accomplish that, Lycett mentioned, he would shred the £10,000 (£1,000 for each and every £1m allegedly earned by means of the previous England participant) and are living move it this Sunday (20 November) at noon at the web site BendersLikeBeckham.com.

Whilst the Birmingham-born comedian upped the ante during the last week, sharing an email he sent to Beckham’s publicist and a picture of the shredder he would be using, the footballer didn’t reply to and even recognize Lycett’s problem.

Whilst Lycett is understood for his high profile stunts, from changing his name to Hugo Boss to pretending to be “very right wing”, this one proved to be specifically divisive.

Many of us implored Lycett to not ruin the cash as the rustic has simply entered a recession and is in a cost-of-living disaster.

Then again, some argued again that Lycett’s ultimatum to Beckham was once handiest an efficient protest if he does in fact shred the cash.

However in spite of doubts being forged, Lycett did appear to shred the money as he seemed at the livestream on Sunday.

Lycett had in the past warned Beckham, “no longer simply the cash, but in addition your standing as homosexual icon might be shredded”.

“Additionally you’ll be forcing me to devote what could be a criminal offense,” he mentioned in his unique video. “Even supposing even then, I reckon I’ll get off extra frivolously than I might if I were given stuck whacking off a lad in Doha.”


Joe Lycett to ‘shred £10,000 this morning’

Morning all! The day is right here and, with David Beckham but to even recognize Joe Lycett’s ultimatum, the comic is getting ready to ruin £10,000 with a shredder.

We’ll be maintaining you up to date on the entirety going in this morning.

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 08:50



If you happen to’ve no longer been paying consideration, Joe Lycett launched a video final week through which he challenged David Beckham over his alleged £10m care for the 2022 International Cup in Qatar.

Pull out of the deal over to the rustic’s stance on LGBT+ problems, and Lycett will donate £10,000 to charities supporting homosexual folks in soccer.

Then again, must Beckham no longer do it, he’s going to shred the cash and are living move it.

To find out the entire main points beneath…

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 09:15


Over on Lycett’s web site, the countdown is ticking away…

(Joe Lycett)

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 09:35


Joe Lycett says he’s ‘in a little bit of a pickle’ over Beckham International Cup stunt

Previous this week, with David Beckham but to reply to his request, Lycett shared an e-mail he had despatched to the footballer’s publicist.

In it, the comedian asks if he’s in reality to be expecting “radio silence” from Beckham, including: “‘I in reality don’t need to shred 10 grand!!!”

You’ll be able to learn extra beneath…

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 09:52


Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 10:02


Joe Lycett posts picture of £10,000 money he’s going to ‘shred’

Lycett’s were given the cash in a position… however will he in fact shred it?

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 10:20


Will Joe Lycett in fact shred £10,000?

It’s the query on everybody’s lips this morning: will Joe Lycett in fact shred £10,000? He couldn’t… may he? Would he?

Take a look at the remark sections on his contemporary posts and also you’ll to find Lycett’s fans are completely divided at the subject

Whilst some have argued that it’s immoral to burn the money in the course of a recession and cost-of-living disaster and referred to as on him to donate it to charity, others have mentioned that £10,000 is small fry in comparison to what Beckham has (allegedly) earnt and that Lycett can spend his personal cash in this protest if he needs.

Given the backlash inside a few of his fanbase, I in my opinion suppose it’s not likely the comic will in fact ruin the money. Nonetheless, he’s no longer one to surrender and is a huge fan of a double bluff or final minute rug-pull.

If that cash’s no longer being shredded, you’ll ensure one thing much more dramatic goes to happen.

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 10:30


The previous day, Lycett posted an image of no longer simply the £10,000 money, however the shredder he’d be the usage of to do it.

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 10:45


Is it unlawful to ruin cash in the United Kingdom?

In his unique video, Joe Lycett mentioned that David Beckham can be “forcing me to devote a criminal offense” if he didn’t again out of his International Cup deal.

However apparently, it’s no longer in fact unlawful to ruin cash in the United Kingdom.

Beneath the Foreign money and Banknotes Act (1928), it’s an offence to deface a banknote, however no longer ruin one altogether.

Then again, it’s unlawful to ruin a coin minted after 1969 – even though just right success doing that…

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 10:54


Lower than an hour to move now!

Isobel Lewis20 November 2022 11:05

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