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The death of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, has fueled renewed hobby within the nation’s royal circle of relatives. So has the most recent season of Netflix’s “The Crown,” which arrives Nov. 9, 2022.

The display depicts real-life occasions and other folks, however there are a couple of occasions by which showrunners took liberties… quite a lot of occasions. However what is genuine, and what is made up for the display screen? 

We tested one of the crucial maximum main moments of “The Crown” and researched which storylines have been most commonly genuine, and which of them leaned extra towards fiction. 

Did Princess Diana infuriate Charles with a dance?

The Crown S4

Alex Bailey/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Princess Diana secretly plans to bounce to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Woman” with ballet dancer Wayne Sleep on the Royal Opera Area. However Charles is livid at being upstaged by way of his fashionable spouse. 

In genuine lifestyles: The development wasn’t filmed however it did really happen. Sleep has recounted how he educated with Diana prior to the efficiency, and whilst the target market went loopy, royal biographers have written that Charles actually did not just like the efficiency and idea Diana used to be appearing off.

Did Diana roller-skate thru Buckingham Palace?

The Crown S4

Des Willie/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Princess Diana strikes into Buckingham Palace to obtain classes on royalty. She is observed roller-skating throughout the palace.

In genuine lifestyles: “Crown” manufacturer Oona O’Beirn has stated that Diana beloved roller-skating and really did this. She additionally reportedly rode bicycles across the palace.

Did Philip and Elizabeth battle over their closing identify?


Robert Viglasky / Netflix

In “The Crown”: There is an ongoing struggle between Elizabeth and Philip (observed right here portrayed by way of Matt Smith and Claire Foy) about what closing identify their kids will take. Philip desires his circle of relatives identify of Mountbatten, now not simply the royal surname of Windsor. 

In genuine lifestyles: Philip it sounds as if did complain about this, consistent with a 2004 biography. Elizabeth officially decreed a brand new circle of relatives surname, Mountbatten-Windsor, in 1960.

Did Margaret actually need to be queen?

Princess Margaret Visits The Horder Medical Centre

Tim Graham Photograph Library by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Princess Margaret has a traumatic dating with sister Queen Elizabeth over her less-important position within the circle of relatives. Younger Margaret even says she desires to be the queen.

In genuine lifestyles: There is not any proof that she ever sought after to be the queen.

Did Princess Margaret flirt with a Catholic priest?


Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Princess Margaret (performed by way of Helena Bonham-Carter, observed right here) flirts with a Catholic priest named Dazzle Jennings, and develops emotions for him.

In genuine lifestyles: It is not transparent simply how a long way Margaret’s emotions went for Jennings. However in accordance Richard Cole, to a chum of Jennings, the priest used to be homosexual discovered safe haven in celibacy.

Did terrorists kill Lord Mountbatten?

The Crown S4

Des Willie/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Lord Mountbatten (depicted right here by way of Charles Dance) is fishing together with his circle of relatives when his boat explodes. Mountbatten, at the side of two kids, are killed.

In genuine lifestyles: This shocking incident used to be extensively reported on the time. The IRA took credit score for the assault, and the wrongdoer used to be later arrested. There used to be a ceremonial funeral at Westminster Abbey. 

Did an avalanche just about kill Charles?

Prince Charles In Klosters

Tim Graham Photograph Library by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Amid the drama of Diana and Charles combating, Charles just about dies in an avalanche — and his buddy Main Hugh Lindsay dies. 

In genuine lifestyles: It happened. Charles, at the side of a information  and a gaggle of pals (aside from Diana) have been at the slopes in Switzerland when an avalanche got here. All of them survived excluding for Lindsay. Pictured here’s Charles at the slopes within the ’80s.

Have been two disabled sisters deserted by way of the royals?

Buildings - Royal Earlswood Mental Hospital - Redhill

PA Photographs by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Princess Margaret is surprised to find that she has two disabled maternal cousins, as soon as reported lifeless, who’re if truth be told in an establishment. Margaret confronts Elizabeth, who defends the verdict. Margaret then sends a chum to discuss with them.

In genuine lifestyles: It is true that the sisters have been institutionalized from a tender age, reported lifeless, and necessarily deserted; the tale used to be defined by the use of, amongst different assets, a Channel 4 documentary, “The Queen’s Hidden Cousins,” which aired in 2011.

However there is not any proof that Margaret intervened. The Royal Earlswood Psychological Health center they have been at is pictured above.

Did Elizabeth and Philip as soon as face an indignant elephant?

The Queen & Duke Of Edinburgh Visit Bedfordshire

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Elizabeth and Philip excursion Kenya and face an indignant bull elephant. Philip’s stable reaction saves her lifestyles. 

In genuine lifestyles: Elizabeth did move on a excursion to look elephants, however there is not any proof any charged her or that Philip intervened. Here is the couple in 2017 assembly and feeding an Asian elephant at a zoo in Dunstable, England.

Did Prince Philip refuse to kneel for his spouse?

Queen's Coronation

Central Press/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Prince Philip asks Elizabeth if he can forgo kneeling to her at her upcoming coronation, and is denied. He kneels — bitterly.

In genuine lifestyles: He did not refuse and it is not going that there used to be any drama in any respect concerning the royal protocol. He is pictured right here kneeling for his spouse at her coronation in 1953.

Did Charles hate his college?


Alex Bailey / Netflix

In “The Crown”: Prince Philip sends Charles to Gordonstoun College, the place is verbally abused and bullied. When he complains to Philip, he calls Charles “bloody susceptible.”

In genuine lifestyles: Reportedly, Elizabeth actually watched this episode and disliked it. As for Charles, he has downplayed reviews that he hated Gordonstoun, however different former scholars have aired their very own accusations of abuse towards the establishment, and Charles despatched his personal youngsters to another college.

Did Queen Elizabeth battle with Jackie Kennedy?

Jack And Jackie Visit

PNA Rota/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Elizabeth is extremely joyful to fulfill John and Jackie Kennedy in 1961. Then she discovers that Jackie has insulted her, and she or he is harm. 

In genuine lifestyles: It most likely did not occur precisely like that. Some biographers declare that Jackie Kennedy used to be lower than inspired by way of the monarch and the furniture at Buckingham Palace. Regardless, there was definitely no overt rivalry. The true-life assembly is pictured right here.

Did the queen forbid Princess Margaret to marry?


Alex Bailey/Netflix

In “The Crown”: The primary season of “The Crown” main points a dating between the divorced Peter Townsend and Princess Margaret. They are depicted within the display by way of Ben Miles and Vanessa Kirby, observed right here. Elizabeth officially forbids Margaret from marrying Townsend as a result of his divorce.

In genuine lifestyles: It used to be far more difficult. Whilst Margaret used to be to start with forbidden to marry him (by way of Parliament, now not the queen) she can have given up her spot within the line of royal succession to marry whoever she sought after. However Margaret ended the relationship and remained within the line of succession.

Did Princess Diana have bulimia?

The Crown S4

Des Willie/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Princess Diana is observed attractive in damaging behaviors, like making herself throw up. Diana is observed right here as depicted by way of Emma Corrin.

In genuine lifestyles: Diana surely struggled with an consuming dysfunction — she said so herself, and stated the circle of relatives knew about her binging and purging. 

Did Princess Margaret get raunchy with President Lyndon Johnson?

Lyndon Johnson and Wife with Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon

Bettmann/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Margaret charms the president with grimy jokes, beverages, making a song and dancing.

In genuine lifestyles: Margaret and her then-husband, Lord Snowdon, did move to an match on the White Area, and President Johnson did reportedly benefit from the royals so much. However there is not any proof that anything else scandalous took place. 

Was once the Duke of Windsor a Nazi?


Robert Viglasky / Netflix

In “The Crown”: The Duke of Windsor — the queen’s uncle, who had abdicated the throne in 1936 — asks her for extra royal tasks. However British intelligence discovers the Marburg Recordsdata, by which the duke seems to sympathize with Nazis. An indignant Elizabeth dismisses the duke from the circle of relatives. The previous king is portrayed by way of Alex Jennings, pictured right here.

In genuine lifestyles: The Marburg Recordsdata are definitely real. However, whilst Elizabeth did admonish her uncle, she by no means absolutely banished him. He remained involved together with his circle of relatives during his lifestyles and now and again made respectable appearances.

Did Princess Margaret have an affair with a lowly gardener?

Anwar Hussein Archive

Anwar Hussein/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Princess Margaret holidays with extramarital lover Roddy Llewellyn, a gardener. They’re  photographed by way of the paparazzi. Queen Elizabeth calls Margaret again to England; Margaret makes an attempt suicide, after which the sisters bond over the pressures of royalty.

In genuine lifestyles: Roddy Llewellyn (observed right here) wasn’t a lowly gardener as depicted within the display. He used to be a baronet who used to be presented to gardening by way of his nanny. They began an affair in 1973, and have been stuck by way of paparazzi in 1976. It is unclear if Margaret tried suicide or what Elizabeth idea.

Was once Prince Philip estranged from his nun mom?

Prince Philip in Reunion with His Mother

Bettmann/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Greece falls underneath army rule. Philip’s mom, Princess Alice, resides there as a nun, and Elizabeth brings her to reside with them for her personal protection. Philip is proven having a strained dating together with his mom, together with an estrangement that is going again for years.

In genuine lifestyles: Prince Philip grew up most commonly with out his folks. His mom had a psychological breakdown and ended up as a nun in Greece. But they weren’t completely estranged. Right here they’re pictured in combination at a marriage.

Did Winston Churchill’s assistant get hit by way of a bus?


Alex Bailey/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Winston Churchill’s secretary, Venetia Scott, dies after stepping in entrance of a bus. The actors taking part in the ones characters, Kate Phillips and John Lithgow, are observed right here.

In genuine lifestyles: There used to be no Venetia Scott. She used to be only a plot tool within the display.

What used to be unsuitable with Princess Alice?

Princess Alice

Night time Usual/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Princess Alice, the mummy of Prince Philip, options in closely in Season 3. Philip does not appear to take care of his mom, basically because of her psychological sickness. 

In genuine lifestyles: Princess Alice used to be officially identified with schizophrenia in 1930, a label that may later be explored in scientific publications. After spending time in a sanatorium, she trustworthy her lifestyles to charity. 

Did Princess Diana face a “Balmoral check”?

In memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, who was killed in an automobile accident in Paris, France on August 31, 1997.

Anwar Hussein/WireImage/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: In an episode entitled “The Balmoral Check,” we see Margaret Thatcher and Diana Spencer invited to Balmoral Fortress in Scotland, to look how they may be able to have interaction with the circle of relatives. 

In genuine lifestyles: It is unknown if the royals actually used a travel to Balmoral as any form of “check.” This can be a photograph of Charles and Diana pictured there in 1981, two months prior to they have been married.

Did Margaret Thatcher beg the queen to dissolve Parliament?

The Crown S4

Des Willie/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Underneath force to surrender, Margaret Thatcher begs Queen Elizabeth to dissolve Parliament. A surprised Elizabeth declines, and Thatcher ultimately steps down.

In genuine lifestyles: There is not any proof of such an ask. After over 11 years as top minister, Thatcher’s ministers requested her to surrender, and the very subsequent morning, after informing the queen, she did.

Did Queen Elizabeth leak a tale about Margaret Thatcher to the clicking?

Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth

Bettmann/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Elizabeth has her press secretary Michael Shea leak to The Sunday Occasions that she is sad with Thatcher and that she thinks the top minister is “uncaring.”

In genuine lifestyles: Thatcher and Elizabeth’s biographers have denied that the queen leaked any more or less tale to The Sunday Occasions. On the other hand, Buckingham Palace did take away Michael Shea from his position after the tale dropped. 

Did other folks actually hate that documentary concerning the royal circle of relatives?

Royal Family Lunch

Matt Inexperienced / Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: The circle of relatives is having a documentary made about their day by day lives to lead them to appear to be customary other folks, however critics hate it.

In genuine lifestyles: A documentary referred to as “Royal Circle of relatives” actually used to be made, but it surely used to be smartly gained. The circle of relatives itself disliked it, considering it invaded their privateness, so it is no longer officially shown or distributed. This photograph presentations the circle of relatives having lunch as a part of the documentary.

Did the Queen Mom and Lord Mountbatten come between Camilla and Charles?

The Crown S4

Mark Mainz/Netflix

In “The Crown”: The Queen Mum (depicted right here by way of Marion Bailey) and Lord Mountbatten conspire to get a divorce Camilla Shand and Prince Charles. They dislike Camilla as a result of she technically is not a noble. 

In genuine lifestyles: There’s 0 proof that the 2 ever conspired to get a divorce Camilla and Charles.

Did Margaret Thatcher hate Balmoral Fortress?

The Crown S4

Des Willie/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis discuss with Balmoral Fortress for a weekend and fail to grasp the mannerisms of the ruling magnificence, inflicting the top minister to resent them. She is observed right here portrayed by way of Gillian Anderson.

In genuine lifestyles: The connection between Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth wasn’t nearly as frosty as used to be depicted within the display. However Thatcher did reportedly inform people who she hated weekends at Balmoral, calling it “purgatory.”

Was once Sir Anthony Blunt a KGB secret agent?

Blunt And Velasquez

Lee/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Queen Elizabeth discovers that her royal artwork curator, Sir Anthony Blunt, is a KGB secret agent. However she covers it up to offer protection to the crown’s popularity — as a result of he had meant blackmail on Prince Philip.

In genuine lifestyles: Blunt (observed right here) confessed to being a KGB secret agent in 1964. He used to be granted anonymity… till Margaret Thatcher publicly known him in 1979 and stripped him of his titles. Did the queen know? It is not positive, however the New York Occasions once reported that she most likely did.

Did intruder Michael Fagan have a protracted dialog with Queen Elizabeth?

Michael Fagan

R. Brigden/Specific/Hulton Archive/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: A bothered guy named Michael Fagan breaks into the queen’s chamber in Buckingham Palace. As an alternative of working, she talks to him and listens to his considerations over the state of the rustic.

In genuine lifestyles: Michael Fagan (observed right here) did break into Buckingham Palace — twice. However he did not actually have a transparent explanation why, and when he made it into Queen Elizabeth’s bed room, she straight away referred to as for lend a hand. 

Did Anne date Andrew Parker Bowles whilst her nephew dated Parker Bowles’s female friend?


Des Willie/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Princess Anne has an affair with Andrew Parker Bowles whilst Charles has an affair with Camilla Shand, Parker Bowles’ female friend. Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Camilla (Emerald Fennell) are observed right here speaking within the episode.

In genuine lifestyles: Anne did in short date Andrew Parker Bowles in 1970; it wasn’t an extramarital affair. Camilla did not even meet Charles till later. Their dating led to 1973 and Camilla got back together with Andrew.

Did John Armstrong interview individuals of the royal circle of relatives?


Des Willie / Netflix

In “The Crown”: Queen Elizabeth asks her daughter, Princess Anne (observed right here, performed by way of Erin Doherty), to do an interview to lend a hand spice up the circle of relatives symbol. Anne redirects the journalist to her paternal grandmother, the eccentric Princess Alice — and the interview by way of famed journalist John Armstrong is a success.

In genuine lifestyles: There used to be no John Armstrong, and no interview used to be carried out with Princess Alice.

Was once Queen Elizabeth heartless about Aberfan?

Queen In Aberfan

Night time Usual/Hulton Archive/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: A horrific mining twist of fate buries a faculty and a number of other homes in Aberfan, Wales, killing 116 kids. Philip is heartbroken, however Elizabeth is impassive and fails to discuss with Aberfan till Philip insists. 

In genuine lifestyles: There is no evidence that the queen used to be uncaring concerning the Aberfan crisis. She did wait 8 days to discuss with, whilst Philip arrived the day after. On the other hand, historians say it used to be as a result of she did not need to take the eye from the rescuers, who have been nonetheless searching for kids days later. 

Did Charles actually find out about Welsh to be Prince of Wales?

The Crown S4

Alex Bailey/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Queen Elizabeth sends Charles to Wales in order that he can be told Welsh prior to his respectable investiture because the Prince of Wales. Charles provides a speech in Welsh, expressing sympathies for Wales’ struggles towards England. This very much irritates Elizabeth.

In genuine lifestyles: He did be told Welsh and provides his speech in Welsh, however somewhat than angering Elizabeth, Charles later commented that it used to be a “transferring and significant second” for him.

Was once Harold Wilson a secret agent?

Harold Wilson

Matt Inexperienced / Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Queen Elizabeth hears that the brand new top minister, Harold Wilson, could be a KGB secret agent. She later discovers that her personal artwork curator, Anthony Blunt, is the actual secret agent.

In genuine lifestyles: Wilson himself (pictured right here) used to be paranoid that he used to be a goal of the USSR, so it is very in doubt that he used to be a secret agent for them. 

Did the Duke of Windsor express regret to Queen Elizabeth for abdicating?

Duke Of WIndsor

Hugh Cecil/Keystone/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: The Duke of Windsor, the previous Edward VIII, apologizes to Queen Elizabeth for abdicating the throne — which ultimately ended in her turning into queen — as she is going to look him on his deathbed. 

In genuine lifestyles: There is not any proof that the Duke of Windsor made a gigantic apology on his deathbed. 

Was once the Suez Disaster a results of Anthony Eden’s drug utilization?


Alex Bailey / Netflix

In “The Crown”: High Minister Anthony Eden (performed right here by way of Jeremy Northam) conspires with France and Israel to take again the Suez Canal from Egypt, all whilst popping amphetamines. 

In genuine lifestyles: The Suez Disaster surely took place, and it ruined Anthony Eden’s political profession. And imagine it or now not, some historians posit that drug utilization can have had one thing to do with it. 

Did Prince Philip have connections to Nazis?

Arrival Of The Duke At Mascot -- The Duke of Edinburgh leaving his plane at Mascot today.

Rice/Fairfax Media by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: There are a couple of references to Prince Philip’s circle of relatives having connections with Nazi Germany. Philip and his circle of relatives are even proven in a Nazi parade.

In genuine lifestyles: Philip’s sisters Margarita, Theodora, Cecilie and Sophie all married German nobles with ties to Nazism. Sophie even named her kid “Karl Adolf.” Philip wasn’t a Nazi regardless that; he used to be raised by way of kinfolk in England, and kept away from the ones individuals of his circle of relatives as he were given older.

Did Prince Philip request a non-public target market with the Apollo 11 astronauts?

Queen Elizabeth II and Apollo 11 Astronauts

Bettmann/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Philip requests a non-public target market with Apollo 11 astronauts select their minds about deep questions — however is left disenchanted by way of their responses.

In genuine lifestyles: Queen Elizabeth did obtain the Apollo 11 astronauts. However there is not any proof Prince Philip asked a non-public target market.

Did the queen destroy precedent for Churchill’s funeral?

Churchill's Funeral

John Waterman/Fox Footage/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Queen Elizabeth provides Winston Churchill a state funeral, which is most often just for individuals of the royal circle of relatives, and attends in individual, which the circle of relatives infrequently does.

In genuine lifestyles: Elizabeth beloved Churchill and started making plans an elaborate state funeral prior to he even died. She and Philip did attend the funeral in individual (observed right here). The one different top minister’s funeral she attended used to be Margaret Thatcher’s. 

Was once the Nice Smog actually left out by way of British politicians?

Policeman Wearing Face Mask

© Hulton-Deutsch Assortment/CORBIS/Corbis by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: A thick smog hangs over London, spurring protests and deaths in all places town. Leaders forget about it and speak to it an “act of God” till Churchill’s secretary dies after stepping in entrance of a bus on a smoggy day. 

In genuine lifestyles: Environmentalism wasn’t an enormous motion within the Fifties when the Great Smog happened, however there have been protests. Extra other folks did die than standard, however the ones deaths were not attributed to the smog till after the truth. 

Did Princess Margaret oppose the wedding of Charles and Diana?

The Crown S4

Des Willie/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Princess Margaret tries to influence Charlies to not marry Diana.

In genuine lifestyles: There is not any proof that Margaret (or somebody else) used to be towards the wedding of Diana and Charles. 

Did Lord Mountbatten cling sway over Prince Philip?

Uncle And Nephew

Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Lord Mountbatten tries to persuade the circle of relatives by the use of his nephew, Prince Philip. 

In genuine lifestyles: It is unknown how a lot affect Lord Mountbatten had, however he arranged no less than one main assembly — that between Philip and Elizabeth, who met for the primary time in 1939.

Did Queen Elizabeth grant Margaret Thatcher the Order of Benefit?


KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/POOL WPA/AFP by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: After Margaret Thatcher is compelled to surrender, Queen Elizabeth grants her the Order of Benefit, an overly uncommon honor. 

In genuine lifestyles: It really did happen. The Order of Benefit is an overly outstanding honor — handiest 24 residing Brits will also be individuals, and it is only on the discretion of the monarch. Elizabeth is pictured right here in 2002 with the individuals of the Order of Benefit; Thatcher is the second one to closing within the entrance row.

Did Queen Elizabeth have an affair with Lord Porchester?

Queen Elizabeth II

Cowper/Central Press/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Elizabeth travels world wide along with her buddy Lord Porchester, whom she refers to as “Porchey.” She would possibly harbor emotions for him.

In genuine lifestyles: Elizabeth and Porchey had a friendship since formative years. However that is almost certainly all it ever used to be. The queen used to be by no means suspected of getting any affair. Lord Porchester is observed right here within the background strolling beside Elizabeth and a gamekeeper named James Gillan.

Did the circle of relatives all have nicknames?

Queen Elizabeth and Her Family

Bettmann/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: The Duke of Windsor maintains secret, unflattering nicknames for the circle of relatives (Elizabeth is “Shirley Temple” whilst the Queen Mom is “Cookie”). Charles and Camilla name each and every different “Fred” and “Gladys” in covert correspondence. 

In genuine lifestyles: The nicknames have been all observed in confirmed royal correspondence. Nicknames and puppy names proceed to be not unusual (most often for extra harmless causes) a few of the royal circle of relatives. Probably the most well known is that Elizabeth used to be referred to as Lilibet — which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle later named their daughter. Queen Elizabeth is observed right here along with her circle of relatives — Charles, Anne, Andrew, Philip and Edward — in a photograph from the ’70s.

Did Queen Elizabeth give a speech on the Jaguar manufacturing unit?

Queen Envelope

Tim Graham Photograph Library by the use of Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Elizabeth provides a speech on the Jaguar automotive manufacturing unit, inspiring Lord Altrincham to put in writing an editorial about how a lot he hated her speech, discovering it stuffy and impersonal.

In genuine lifestyles: There used to be no speech at a Jaguar manufacturing unit. Lord Altrincham did write an editorial expressing disapproval with the queen’s public speeches, but it surely wasn’t about one explicit speech. 

Did Queen Elizabeth ever cry in public?

The Crown S4

Liam Daniel/Netflix

In “The Crown”: Elizabeth hasn’t ever cried in public throughout the whole thing of the collection, and faked crying whilst traveling Aberfan.

In genuine lifestyles: Biographers say she actually did cry in Aberfan, and used to be pictured crying at remembrance ceremonies for infantrymen who’d misplaced their lives. She also appeared to cry on the decommissioning of the royal yacht Britannia.

Did Lord Mountbatten attempt to oust High Minister Harold Wilson?

Last Governor

Keystone/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: High Minister Harold Wilson has Lord Mountbatten got rid of from a key place. Mountbatten responds by way of making an attempt a coup towards Wilson with Cecil King, a newspaper baron, and others.

In genuine lifestyles: Wilson used to be famously paranoid that folks were trying to undermine him, and a few writers have claimed there used to be a coup try — however others, together with Cecil King, have disputed that. Regardless, Mountbatten left his place in 1965, and the meant coup try wasn’t till 1968. 

Was once Elizabeth in Africa when she discovered her father had died?

George VI And Elizabeth

Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Hulton Archive/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Then-Princess Elizabeth is in Kenya when she learns that her father, George VI, has died. It comes as a wonder — excluding to the audience, who noticed him confess to Churchill that his situation used to be terminal.

In genuine lifestyles: This one is true… excluding the dialog between the king and the top minister most likely did not occur. Elizabeth and Philip have been on excursion in Kenya on the Treetops Resort when she formally turned into the sovereign. She’s observed right here along with her father in July 1946.

Was once Princess Anne’s actually abducted?

Anne Visits Wounded Bodyguard

Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”: Princess Anne is featured closely within the 3rd and fourth seasons of “The Crown,” however a much-discussed kidnapping attempt used to be unnoticed fully.

In genuine lifestyles: In 1974, Anne and then-husband Mark Phillips have been headed to Buckingham Palace when their automotive used to be compelled to prevent. A person named Ian Ball approached Anne in her automotive with a gun and stated he used to be going to kidnap her for ransom. She spoke back paradoxically, “Bloody most likely!” Anne’s bodyguard James Beaton is observed right here being visited by way of Anne as he recovered from his wounds after being shot by way of Ball. 

Did the Falklands Warfare resolve whilst Mark Thatcher used to be lacking?

Mark's Car

Fox Footage/Getty Photographs

In “The Crown”:  Margaret Thatcher has a breakdown in entrance of the queen after her son, Mark, is going lacking within the Sahara Barren region. When Argentina then invades the Falklands, Thatcher nearly turns out not able to maintain it. Mark Thatcher is located six days later, 31 miles off route.

In genuine lifestyles: Those occasions took place, however the timing is unsuitable. Mark Thatcher went lacking for per week in January 1982, and the Thatchers pulled out all the stops to search out him. Argentina did not invade the Falklands till April of that very same 12 months, and the British took again keep watch over of the islands in 10 weeks.

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