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Andrée Geulen, Savior of Jewish Kids in Wartime, Dies at…

Describing the separations in her testimony recounted within the Queens Faculty exhibition, Ms. Geulen spoke of the way laborious it was once “to rip a kid clear of his mom and now not inform her the place we had been taking him, and to have her cry and cry, ‘Inform me a minimum of, simplest inform me, the place you’re going to take him?’”

“If I’d had youngsters then, I don’t know that I will have executed it,” she mentioned.

Every kid was once given a brand new title: Sarah was Suzanne, Moses was Marcel. However small children incessantly didn’t perceive what was once unsuitable with their actual names, or why they couldn’t inform strangers that they had been Jewish. One time, Ms. Geulen recalled, she was once on a educate with a lady she was once smuggling to protection when some other passenger requested the woman her title. The woman became to Ms. Geulen and requested, “Will have to I inform her my new title or my actual title?” Happily, the passenger was once now not sympathetic to the Nazis.

Ms. Geulen, the usage of the code title Claude Fournier, incessantly needed to stroll nice distances to succeed in hide-outs in rural spaces, sporting a suitcase in a single arm and a kid slung around the reverse hip. “I must prevent each and every 30 ft, put the suitcase down and alter the kid to the opposite facet,” she informed Professor Griffin.

Ms. Geulen was once preferred by means of her fluency in German and by means of her blue eyes and shoulder-length blondish hair, giving her the visage of the so-called Aryan lady whom the Nazis idealized. One time she was once strolling by myself on a Brussels sidewalk on her means to select up two youngsters whilst sporting their names on a slip of paper hidden beneath the interior sole of certainly one of her footwear. A boulevard photographer snapped her image at a second when a German officer took place to be striding a couple of steps at the back of her. Now not realizing if she were arrange, Ms. Geulen known as her handlers on the committee and was once informed to seek out the photographer and get the unfavorable. Most likely as a result of he was once disarmed by means of her attractiveness, he gave it to her, Professor Griffin mentioned.

In Might 1943, the Germans raided Ms. Geulen’s boarding faculty (lately known as the Isabelle Gatti de Gamond Royal Atheneum), the place a dozen Jewish youngsters had been hidden. The college’s headmistress, Odile Ovart, and her husband had been despatched to focus camps, which they didn’t continue to exist. Ms. Geulen was once interrogated however launched. When a German officer informed her that she will have to feel embarrassment about educating Jewish youngsters, she replied, “Aren’t you ashamed to make conflict on Jewish youngsters!”

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