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Russian brags about the use of FSB torture manner of reducing open…

(R) stands for Russian soldier Konstantin Solovyov, (M) stands for his mom, Tatiana


(R): Hi! 

(M): My expensive! 

(R): Good day, how are you? 

(M): How are you? 

(R): Nice, I simply got here again from ‘the sauna’.

(M): From the place? 

(R): From ‘the sauna’

(M): Oh, so you are going to the sauna already! 

(R): Sure, that is simply what we name a hose that we get showered with. 

(M): That is nice. 

(R): Later we’re going to pass and take potatoes from the villagers. 

(M): Are they promoting them or giving them away? 

(R): Giving freely. We come and take it. We are studying books, growing ourselves culturally… 

(M): Neatly completed, simply watch out with the ones villagers. 

(R): Ah, what can they do? 

(M): You have been telling that tale your self, it used to be very attention-grabbing… 

(R): Concerning the outdated girl? 

(M): Sure. In all of the church buildings they are announcing prayers for everybody, for you particularly, for the Altiyans, in Kaliningrad… That is excellent. Do you suppose your mum will simply disregard about all this? No. 

(R): , right here… It is proper in entrance of my eyes… I took phase in it, too. FSB have been torturing the captives. Are you aware what ‘the rose’ method? 

(M): No. 

(R): On a person’s frame, 21 roses will also be made. Twenty digits, and the penis. Sorry. 

(M): Proper… 

(R): Have you ever observed how a rose blossoms, the way it opens up? 

(M): Sure.

(R): So, alongside the bones the outside is bring to an end. On all arms. The similar occurs ‘down there’. That is what ’21 roses’ method on a person’s frame. what different torture strategies I have observed? 

(M): What? And why are you announcing you have been collaborating in the ones? The ones have been the FSB guys. 

(R): Neatly, we took the captives, introduced them in. 

(M): Proper… 

(R): And whilst we have been looking forward to the pinnacle honchos of torture chambers, we have been beating them, breaking their legs so they would not run away. 

(M): Are they looking to do one thing? No longer realising it is over? 

(R): After all. They do not perceive anything else. 

(M): It will have to be as a result of they’re top, proper? 

(R): Mhm … The lads stuck a civilian guy – the pinnacle of the torture chamber used to be announcing, how they stuck an outdated guy, took his telephone and within the telephone they discovered footage of all our positions. 

(M): What a scumbag, f***! 

(R): He used to be using round on a bicycle with a white flag, taking footage of all of the positions, sending it to them. 

(M): F***ing scumbag. 

(R): Yeah. 

(M): Like I used to be telling you, you can’t consider them. Hohols (derogatory time period for Ukrainians)… 

(R): They usually beat that outdated guy to demise with rubber batons. Crushed to demise. Are you able to consider what number of hits, how a lot must occur to kill any person with a easy rubber baton… it is referred to as a ‘tranquiliser’… it is used at the mouth, if any person begins getting loopy you hit them – and so he had a wide variety of interior accidents. That is how our FSB guys are torturing. There may be yet another torture manner… I forgot what it is referred to as… ‘barrel’, I feel. They insert a tube into the anus and put barbed cord into it. 

(M): F*** 

(R): Pull out the tube, the barbed cord remains in there. Then they slowly take out the barbed cord. 

(M): F*** 

(R): That is how we do it… they are saying we now have been the use of this technique with barbed cord since Chechnya. 

(M): Are you aware how the Ukrainians torture our guys? 

(R): I do. 

(M): Yeah? 

(R): That is why I should not have a smidge of feel sorry about. After we have been sitting… this guy that we captured. He used to be announcing: ‘For my existence, our lads will take two of yours!’, after which: ‘I spit within the face of demise, I am demise for the reality!’… 

(M): Certain, for what reality? 

(R): He used to be yelling! I mentioned: ‘If you do not care, why are you scared?’. And he is sitting, together with his leg bones damaged, which I broke – they have been grew to become outwards. He mentioned: ‘I do not care!’ – If you do not care why are you so scared? ‘I am not afraid!’ – so why are you yelling? 

(M): Mhm 

(R): Then he went quiet. This ‘psychological f***ing’ of the folk, in two phrases, I adore it.

(M): You adore it? 

(R): I adore it… I have no idea 

(M): I all the time instructed you that, in theory, I am maintaining myself again. If I had ended up there I might even be playing it. We are the similar.

(R): He began swearing in Ukrainian – ‘You!…’ I mentioned: ‘Why are you apprehensive? It is over. Let it pass. It’ll be positive. 

(M): (About Ukrainians) you c***s are surrendering – you are fed, you are watered, they are letting you pass house, f***ing scumbags. 

(R): That is how it’s. 

(M): Mhm… Right here we’re (unintelligible) 

(R): So we… we’re going to make 21 roses for the dad, proper? We’re going to get started together with his pee pee, if he does not perceive we’re going to do 5 arms. 

(M): (Laughs) 

(R): Why no longer? He says he may not have a role anyway, so he does not want fingers. And if he wishes them to try this nonsense, then he for sure does not want them. the place we’re going to get started? We’re going to destroy his finger, a very powerful one. The index finger. At the proper hand. 

(M): Oh so he could not level or select his nostril? (laughs) 

(R): In order that he may nonetheless use it later. Simply the primary phalange, that is the maximum painful phase. It has essentially the most nerve endings. The thickest bone. Proper? 

(M): Sure. 

(R): If he does not get it, we’re going to destroy two subsequent time. If he does not get it after two, we’re going to destroy 4, in a geometrical development. 

(M): Oh son, do you pay attention what we’re discussing? 

(R): I take into account that I am going loopy right here, for me it is standard to mention such issues. 

(M): No, you aren’t going loopy, you’re alright. 

(R): I am telling you, I am killing other people right here, mum. 

(M): Neatly… are you certain they’re other people? What if, God forbid, one in all you… 

(R): Yeah I take into account that, I am not even feeling regret anymore. Once I killed greater than 20, I ended feeling anything else. 

(M): Neatly… the ones aren’t other people. 

(R): I used to be a sort bloke! You simply do not… ah, I need to let you know the whole lot, I need you to peer all of it, what is modified inside of me. 

(M): Alright child boy, good-bye. 

(R): Bye 

(M): Bye 

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